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Disclaimer:  I do not own Wow and all references belong to Blizzard.

AN:  This is just a bit of a 'Day in the life of' piece.  I kinda liked seeing them without any major scene to get thrown into. :)



The Raptor

Chapter 6


Rolling over, Rohkan threw his arm out searching for his mate, missing the feel of her against his skin.  When his hand fell on nothing but empty cool sheets, he cracked an eye open.  Realizing Aeia’s side of the bed was vacant, he stretched and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.  ‘Sure, just had to mate a morning person.  Whoever heard of a morning Night Elf anyways?’ he grumbled to himself with a yawn.  Throwing the blanket off, Rohkan swung his legs off the side of the bed and sat up.  Looking over the floor, Rohkan smacked his forehead when he remembered he had left his clothes downstairs.  Grinning, he made his way out the bedroom.


Peeking down the stairs, Rohkan saw the shop was still closed and straining his ears, he could tell Aeia was alone with only a snoring Atal’ai for company.  Rohkan descended the steps wearing nothing but his grin.  He spotted Aeia with her back to him at her workbench humming the familiar Zandalari tune while she worked.  Rohkan paused at the sight of her.  So calm and peaceful while skilled fingers masterfully manipulated scales and leather into beautiful armor.  What she was wearing had him grinning from ear to ear.  She had found his tunic and pulled it over her smaller frame.  It hung to about mid-thigh and she looked sexy as hell.  He could sit and watch her all day.  It still amazed him that she belonged to him.  Quietly he crept to her, slid his arms around her body, his tusks over her shoulder, and placed a soft kiss to her cheek.  “Mornin’, mate,” he said with a soft chuckle as she jumped at his sudden appearance before settling back against him.


Aeia had been startled by his stealthy embrace, but immediately relaxed, her work momentarily forgotten.  Turning around in his grasp, she stole a quick kiss from his lips.  “Good morning, M’Tig,” she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and grinned.  She had spent half the morning trying to come up with her own pet name for the troll, and though what she came up with wasn’t half as sweet or endearing as his name for her, she thought it suited him.  He was after all, her tiger.  ‘In more ways than one,’ she thought with an inner smirk.


Rohkan raised an eyebrow at his grinning mate, “Fo’ someone dat claims not ta know Zandali, ya sure do speak it ‘nuff.”  Chuckling, he stood from his crouched position, bringing Aeia to her feet.  He couldn’t help the laugh that broke free when she had lowered her eyes then instantly snapped back to his face with bright red cheeks.


When Rohkan had stood, she had lowered her gaze to her feet to stand with him.  It was then that she realized he was completely naked.  She immediately looked back up at him.  She was surprised she still felt embarrassed at his state of undress seeing how she had already seen everything he had to offer.  Hell, she’d tasted almost every inch of him.  She playfully smacked his chest, “Why, in Elune’s name, are you wandering around my shop naked?”


His laughter subsiding to soft giggles, he answered, “Left mah clothes down ‘ere las’ night.  ‘Sides, someone seems ta ‘ave stolen mah shirt.  Though I be tinkin’ it be lookin’ beddah on ya.”  He winked as he gave his shirt a slight tug.  “I realleh need ta be gettin’ some mo’ clothes if I’m gonna be stayin’ ‘ere doe,” he finished with a smirk before walking to where he had spotted his kilt on the floor by the door.  Reaching for his clothes, he heard Aeia behind him.


“You might as well just stay naked.  I’m certainly not complaining about the view,” her cheeks darkened.  “Besides, we could both use a bath.  You’ve still got lion blood on your jaw and chest, not to mention your own dried blood on your back from where the lioness clawed you.  Speaking of which, sorry about that,” she ended with downcast eyes.  She felt terrible for getting him hurt for her foolish game.  Aeia felt his hand slide under her chin and raised her eyes to his.


“Don ya worry ‘bout dat.  It was healed fo’ I took ya on da table,” he said with a cocky wink.  “Troll, ‘memba?   Mah regeneration took care o’ dat scratch,” he kissed her softly.  “Now, ‘bout dat bath,” he said, swiftly picking her up and tossing her over his shoulder.  Her weak attempt at struggling simply made him chuckle as he headed up the stairs, his clothes gathered in his other hand.


About halfway up the stairs, Aeia’s shock wore off as she started to halfheartedly struggle.  With an overly exaggerated groan, she gave up and rested her elbows against his back, head in her hands as she hung upside down.  When she heard him chuckle at her, she grinned down at his lovely muscled backside.  Stretching an arm out, she pinched his butt cheek hard.  It was her turn to laugh when he jumped and nearly dropped her.  “You drop me and you and Atal’ai will be sharing his nest come bed time,” she said, losing some of the threat with her giggles.


Rohkan had been completely caught off guard at her playful pinch.  ‘Feisty wench,’ he thought.  At her empty threat, he moved his hold from her waist to fully gripping her ass and squeezing a cheek firmly, “Den it be a good ting ya got a nice ass fo’ meh ta hold on ta.”  His cocky grin only intensified at her squeak.


“Cocky damn troll,” she muttered behind his back.  “Wha’ was dat mate?” he asked knowing full well what she had said as he squeezed her ass harder.  Aeia gave another quick squeak, but before she could answer, he had set her on her feet before the tub.  She merely glared at him when he swatted her ass before getting the water running.  While Rohkan filled the tub, Aeia returned to the bedroom.  She pulled, the leather blanket off and let it fall to the floor before stripping the bed of the sheets.  Gathering them up, she carried them into the bathroom and dumped them into one end of the tub.  Rohkan raised his eyebrow at her in question.  “Between the blood and dirt from yesterday and our several tumbles, the sheets could use a wash,” she explained as she stripped off his tunic and laid it on a side counter.  She quickly pinned her hair up to keep it out of the water, then gracefully stepped into the tub and sat in the center with the sheets over her legs.  Grabbing a bottle from the tub side table, she poured some heavily scented soap onto her hands and began working it into the few stains on the sheets.


Rohkan had smiled in appreciation when she had taken his tunic off, for she was bare underneath.  Turning the water off, he stepped into the tub behind Aeia and sat with his legs stretched out on either side of her.  He leaned back, resting his head on the edge of the tub as he watched Aeia work.  She seemed to take as much care with her chores as she did while working leather.  Her fingers quickly and nimbly skimmed across the fabric as she worked the soap into the sheets.  The scent drifted to his nose.  It was a bit too floral for his tastes but it was soft and soothing.  He found himself starting to lightly doze in the warm water, the rhythmic ripples of water lulling him into complete relaxation as Aeia worked. 


Hearing his soft snores, Aeia looked over her shoulder and smiled sweetly.  ‘The turbulent ocean of emotions has probably worn him out,’ she thought.  She herself was fairly exhausted by them, not to mention the heart pounding activities that they had been enjoying.  From the lions to the bedroom, they had been very active in the last couple of days.  Unfortunately, she was a busy body and there were things to get done so she couldn’t let herself nap.  She realized they balanced each other out in that way.  He was certainly not lazy but more easy going while she was constantly active.  Rohkan got her to slow down and enjoy things, while she had him thinking about things from different perspectives.  While she thought, she finished washing the sheets and picking up just the top sheet, she stood as quietly as she could.  Carefully she wrung out as much water as possible before reaching up towards the ceiling.  Hanging above the far side of the tub were several hooks on wires.  This was where she cleaned her leathers before treating them so she had hung a way to dry them.  Draping one side of the sheet on one hook and the other side to another, she bent down to retrieve the bottom sheet.  As she wrung that one out, she heard Rohkan behind her.


He had woken when she had stood.  The water cascading down her body had made enough noise as it splashed into the tub that his eyes had popped open.  And what a sight they beheld.  She was breathtaking as the water dripped over her curves.  As he watched her hang the sheets a thought crossed his mind.  “Ya realleh do ‘ave a wonderful ‘ome ‘ere.  Seems ya ‘ave everyting ya need.  An’ I know we ‘aven’ talked ‘bout it, but if it be alright wit ya, I’d like ta live ‘ere wit ya.  I know ya said ya didn’ wan’ ta give up ya home, an’ I don’ wan’ ya ta.  I be likin’ it ‘ere,” he said with a small smile.  A hint of worry was in his eyes.  He knew they were mated, but this was her personal space and it was springing even more change on her.  But it was something they needed to discuss because there was no way they could live apart. 


Aeia froze just as she finished hanging the sopping wet sheet.  ‘Did he really just ask to move in with me?’ she thought.  ‘Though I guess we do need to pick someplace to live.  And I did say I didn’t want to leave my home,’ sighing she turned around at sat down in front of him.  “What about your place?  You’re that willing to just leave your own home?” she asked.  She was shocked that he was so willing to uproot his life just for her.  Sure, she didn’t want to give up the home she’d built here, but she’d have been willing to discuss it.  Hear the pros and cons of both homes.  She would never have straight out asked him to just abandon his home for her.  But here he was doing just that.


Rohkan shrugged.  “Could pro’bly pack mos’ mah tings on a mount or two.  Jus’ ‘ave a small hut near my family’s ‘ome.  An’ anyting dat I couldn’ pack, I’d jus’ give ta mah ma or brotha.  As long as I be wit ya, Ke M’ti, I be a happy mon.  An’ like I said, dis ‘ome ya got be wonderful.  An’ with a few changes, it be perfect for da two o’ us,” he explained with a smile.  Reaching out, he pulled her to him, turning her so she laid back against his chest.  He circled his arms lightly around her waist.  He just couldn’t go very long without touching her.  Her skin was like a drug to him and he had rapidly become an addict.


She completely relaxed against him.  That feeling of home and safety engulfed her as she rested her head back against his shoulder.  “What sort of changes?” she questioned.  She didn’t really like the idea of changing her home, but at the same time she knew she’d have to make some compromises.  But his answer surprised her.  It was something totally doable and didn’t change her lifestyle in the least.


“Don worreh, mate.  I ain’ gonna make ya change anyt’ing realleh.  Jus’ add a few t’ings,” he said as he gently ran one hand up and down her side, his fingers trailing over her warm flesh.  “I’d like ta add anotha work bench next ta yours so I ‘ave a place ta work on mah alchemy.  An’ I saw dat fenced area next ta da house.  I wan’ ta add a small garden in da back of dat area ta grow mah herbs.  Den hopefully be allowed ta sell my wares alongside ya,” he finished with a soft kiss to her shoulder.


Her fingers had been tracing idle patterns up and down his legs at either side of her, “Those are completely reasonable and I don’t mind in the least.”  Pausing her movements, she spoke what was on her mind, “I can’t believe I’m sitting here in the tub, with my new troll mate discussing moving in together.  It just seems so surreal.”  She craned her neck back and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, “And though we’ve only been mated for a couple of days, I feel as though I’ve known you my entire life and have been waiting for you to find me.  I know that sounds incredibly corny, but it’s how I feel.”


Rohkan just chuckled and pulled her tighter to him, “I know wha’ ya mean, mon.  I never felt dis at ‘ome o’ relaxed wit’ a female befo’.  O’ anyone else fo’ dat mattah.  Da bond alreadeh be strongah den I thought possible at dis time.  But wait…”  What she had said fully sunk in.  “Ya ok wit’ meh movin’ in alreadeh?’ he was a bit shocked.  He knew she would want him here instead of moving to his place, but he was surprised at how easy she was taking it.  She wasn’t fussing or complaining about anything and, in fact, she seemed rather excited at the prospect of him moving in.  She was a female, so he was expecting at least some discussion or compromise, not for her to simply say OK. 


“Well of course I am ya silly troll.  There’s no way I could stand to be separated from you and I really would prefer to stay here.  And everything you asked for is fine by me.  You moving in with me would only make me happier than I am now,” before she could add anything else, he had gently grabbed her chin and angled her head back so he could press his lips to hers.  She felt his tusks press into her shoulder but she didn’t care.  A hand slid up and buried in his hair as she deepened the kiss, her tongue slipping between his lips.  When her lips started to tingle, she pulled away and resettled herself against him.  A concern was seeping into her brain.  “What about the bruisers?  And our factions?  Surely someone’s going to cause a fuss about us moving in together,” she asked with worry around her eyes.


Rohkan took one of her hands in his, running his thumb in circles across the back, “I ain’ gonna lie an’ say it gonna be easeh.  But we’ll make it work.  Da bruisers will leave us alone as long as we ain’ fightin’, Ratchet be neutral aftah all.  Our factions be anotha storeh.  Unfortunately, we’ll prob’ly be getting’ lot o’ folks like dat otha Night Elf.  No mattah wha’, ya know I be right ‘ere wit’ ya.  Even if I ‘ave ta make a few Alliance or Horde disappear.”  He nuzzled her cheek with his as his free hand locked around her waist.  Her worry agitated his instincts.  He wanted his mate happy, and he hated the thought of how others might react to them living together.  A strong part of him thought they could all just go to hell, while a small part feared for their lives.  It wouldn’t be unheard of for either of them to be held as traitors simply for choosing to be with one another, even if they weren’t fighting for their current factions.  And he knew he couldn’t give up his adventurous life style.  He wanted to stay with Aeia for a couple of months, then he knew he’d want to head out to battle the Legion, though he wanted Aeia to accompany him.  The thought of leaving her alone for such a long time made both he and his instinct growl in displeasure.  No, he wouldn’t, couldn’t, leave Aeia behind.  In doing so, they would be fighting for their respective factions again and could easily be called traitors for they would undoubtedly be privy to information neither faction would want the other to have.  Releasing her hand after a quick squeeze, Rohkan slid his fingers through his hair in frustration.  They would find a way to make it work, he had faith in them both.


“I suppose you’re right.  Might have to toss an occasional bribe to the right bruiser, but I’m not worried.  Thanks to living mostly off the land and crafting both my own gear and most of my furniture I’m not exactly in need of gold.  Speaking of which, you, my dear, get to help me cut down some trees so I can carve you your own work bench.  The garden you’re on your own for.  I never could do anything with plants,” she giggled. 


He chuckled, “No problem, mon.  “Sides, I dun wan’ you o’ dat silleh raptah tramplin’ ovah mah plants.”  The tease earned him a playful slap to his thigh.  “An’ speakin’ o’ mah ‘ome, I was t’inkin’ we should ‘ead dere tomorrow.  We need ta talk ta mah eldahs, an’ I wan’ ya ta meet mah famleh.  I wan’ ta claim ya as mah mate ‘fo’ mah tribe too.  I can also gatha mah t’ings an’ empteh mah hut.”


“This soon?” Aeia asked.  She was surprised that he would want to head out so quickly.  She knew he wanted to speak to his tribe’s elders, but she figured he would want to spend some more time alone before dealing with both his tribe and his family.  She herself was both excited to meet his family, but also dreading it.  ‘What if they rejected her?  What if they demanded she get the mate mark removed,’ her thoughts continued to spiral before Rohkan snapped her back.


“Aye.  Da quickah we be tellin’ mah famleh and da quickah I be claimin’ ya befo’ mah tribe, da quicker we can focus on our future.  Dat an’ da bond be strongeh den I t’ought it should be.  Da eldahs might know why.  Dat, an’ mebbe I jus’ wanna show off mah new mate ta everyone,” he ended with a nip to her ear.


“Men, always wanting to show off their new toys,” she giggled as Rohkan growled softly in her ear.  “But I see your point.  We do have a lot to discuss with the elders and the quicker I meet your family, the quicker I get it over with.  I’m not gonna lie and say I’m not nervous as hell to meet your mother.  What about getting there?  Isn’t Sen’Jin deep in Horde territory?  How will I get there?”  Durotar was crawling with Horde that would gladly take her head on sight, even with Rohkan by her side.  They’d probably kill him just as easily for being with her.


“Dat’s da easeh part.  We’ll jus’ follow da coast up from Ratchet and then cross the Southfury River.  If we stay along da mountains ta da south, dey will take us right ta Sen’Jin.  Mah people be takin’ us in once we get ta mah village.  True mates be firs’ ‘fo’ factions.”  He really wasn’t worried about the trek.  The areas of Durotar that they had to cross weren’t well patrolled.  The most they may run into would be a few new orc recruits near Sen’Jin Village.  Any trolls that they happened across could easily be explained to about them being true mates.


“Alright.  But we need to stock some supplies before we leave.  And I need you to promise me something,” Aeia replied. 


“Anyt’ing, mate,” Rohkan answered with a nuzzle to her cheek. 


“That after we get back with the supplies you leave me alone for the rest of the day.  I need to finish that armor for Krolak and there’s no way I can concentrate if you’re hovering.  Which means you’ll have to keep your hands to yourself for most of the day, M’Tig,” she grinned.  She knew it would be near impossible for him to follow with that.  But she promised Krolak that she would have it done the next time they saw him.  And by her calculations it would only be about a two-day ride to Sen’Jin village from here and she wouldn’t have anytime while traveling to finish the work. 


Aeia could practically feel Rohkan pouting behind her.  “Ya ‘ave mah word, Aeia.  But as soon as ya done wit’ dat armor or once da sun goes down, da promise be ovah.”  She was asking a lot.  The new mate bond made it incredibly difficult for him to keep his hands off her, but he would keep his word.  He would just have to find something to keep himself busy until she was finished. 


“We need to get out soon, the water’s starting to get chilly and I still have a million things that need to get done,” she said as she slid out of his arms to stand.


They quickly washed and rinsed before pulling the plug and letting both the dirt and worry swirl away down the drain.  They’d fret over any problems when they happened.  No need to worry themselves sick over something that may or may not come to pass.  They both knew the risks going into this and they were both still perfectly happy with one another, risks be damned.


Once they had dried off, they redressed.  Aeia had opted to wear her full hunter’s gear since they were going to go out for materials and supplies.  She didn’t want to be caught without her bow again, though that particular occurrence was very unlikely to happen again.  “Give me a hand with those sheets really quick, will you?  Most of the water should have drained off, but I’d like to hang them on my clothes line outside to air dry,” she asked over her shoulder as she reached up to unhook the sheets.  Rohkan barely had to reach at all to gather the fabric off the hooks, before following Aeia to the window to the right of the room.  The window overlooked her little fenced area and tied from the top of the window to a pole at the fence line was a thick cord on a pully system.  Aeia draped the sheets over the line and secured them with a couple of clothes pins.  “Thanks, mate.”


“’Fo’ we ‘ead out, I need ta stop at da bank.  Dere be a few tings dat I be needin’,” Rohkan said as the couple made their way down the stairs.  Hesitation shadowed her words as Aeia responded, “Oh, I’ll wait for you to get back then.”  She quickly retrieved her large leather satchel and threw a few tools into it.  “Aeia, come wit’ meh.  Dem Goblins gonna ‘ave ta get used ta us at some point.  Might as well start now,” he said taking her hand.  Nervously, Aeia tugged on a braid, “You’re right.  Let’s go.” And with that she unlocked the door, hoisted her bag over her shoulder, secured her quicker and bow, and side by side they headed to the bank, although they had dropped their clasped hands.  Just because the bruisers wouldn’t bother them if they weren’t fighting, didn’t mean they wanted to push their luck.  Walking together was enough of a risk without adding more fuel to someone’s fire.


As they approached the bank, a dark green goblin in a brown leather vest watched them. When they got closer, he waved at Aeia, “Aeia, doll.  Been a while, where ya been keepin’ ya self?”  His overly large smile faded slightly as he looked over at Rohkan, “Need me ta get the bruisers, doll?”  Rohkan’s arm instantly slid around Aeia’s waist.  The familiarity of the goblin was raising his hackles.  At this, the goblin raised an eyebrow.


“Hey Fuzruckle, how ya been?  And no, the bruisers aren’t needed.  Allow me to introduce Rohkan, my mate,” Aeia answered with a friendly smile.  They were speaking Orcish for Fuzruckle had been the goblin that had taught her the language.  She gently rested her hand over Rohkan’s arm hoping to soothe him.  Aeia could feel the uneasiness and protectiveness coming off him in literal waves and she didn’t want there to be a scene.  Fuzruckle was a friend and part of the town.  If they could win him over, then maybe they wouldn't have such a hard time with others.


Hopping up on a nearby crate, Fuzruckle looked Aeia square in the eyes, “Mate ya say?  I always knew ya were a strange one toots.  And I guess it ain't a shocker that ya found ya self a troll.  Just don’t be goin’ and makin’ my life difficult.  Though, if ya throw in a nice discount on ya leather, I might even put a good word in for you two with the other goblins ‘round here.”  He winked at her.  He had always liked Aeia, she had a good head on her shoulders when it came to business.  Plus, her leather wares were incredible, he himself only wore her goods.  He also found her hilarious.  She knew how to take a joke and to give it right back.  Seeing her with a troll mate didn’t surprise him in the least.  What he found surprising was how open they were being about it.  Then again, this was Aeia, and she didn’t exactly do subtle.  “We goblins may technically be part of the Horde now, but coin still rules round here.  Besides, this place still be neutral as far as I’m concerned.  Now, what can I do for ya? An’ make it snappy.  I got work ta do and money ta make,” he said with a huge shark like grin.


Aeia just sighed but returned his grin.  It felt like a small load had been lifted from her shoulders.  Having Fuzruckle on her side would help in the long run.  And he was someone she could almost call friend.  She didn’t fully trust him unless money was involved and, even then, everyone knew a goblin could be bought with enough coins.  But she did enjoy her sporadic talks with him.  His lewd sense of humor never failed to get a laugh from her.  He had also shared a few business tips with her which was unheard for a goblin to do without significant payment.  They were always fearful of losing their edge in the market.  “Thanks, Fuz, and how about a fifteen percent discount on anything at my shop at any time?  But that also includes not only the good word but also a heads up if there are any problems headed our way,” Aeia finished with a smirk.  She knew how much goblins loved to haggle and she just knew he would try to get twenty out of her which was why she started with fifteen.


“Ya drive a hard bargain, doll.  Make it twenty and you’ll get the heads up as well as the good word.  I might even let it slip now and then just who made my leather gear,” he winked at her.


“Deal,” she said offering her hand.  Fuzruckle took it with a firm shake, sealing the deal. 


Turning to Rohan, Fuzruckle eyed him up and down.  “You better take care of this one.  Or I just might have to break my deal and get the bruisers after ya.  An’ I hate havin’ ta break my deals, got it bub?” the goblin said with a grim smile as he crossed his arms.


The troll had been silent throughout the exchange, Aeia’s hand on his arm going a long way to keep him calm.  He didn’t want to say or do something to cause problems for them and it seemed this goblin was a friend of his mate’s.  When the goblin had addressed him, he smiled and tightened his arm around Aeia’s waist, “Ya dun gotta worreh bout dat, mon.  She be mah whole world.”


Aeia’s cheeks darkened at Rohkan’s statement.  She could feel an echo of the strength of his emotion behind that declaration resonate through the bond.  His words and feelings strongly affecting her and reverberating within her heart.  Even with a direct line to his emotions, hearing him openly say things like that in front of others made her swoon.


Looking back and forth between the pair, Fuzruckle saw that the mate bond was in full effect.  He was happy for Aeia, she had had enough troubles in her life and deserved to be happy and find someone who would treat her right.  With a gruff nod of affirmation, he asked, “So how can I help yous two?”


“I jus’ need ta get a few tings out da bank,” Rohkan responded.  The goblin picked up a small device and held it in his hand out towards Rohkan.  Placing his hand over the device, Rohkan concentrated.  With a click and a whirl, the device activated, starting the spell that linked Rohkan to his personal bank vault.  It was a lovely invention.  No matter what bank you may visit, these devices allowed you to access your personal vault through a small portal.  In his mind’s eye, Rohkan skimmed over the vault layout and found what he was looking for.  Reaching through the portal, he retrieved his ornate polearm, Xu’tenash the Glaive of Ruin, which he won after a hard-fought battle of mythic proportions against Mannoroth.  Though he fought with his claws and fangs, the magic imbued in the staff helped to augment his abilities and if they were going to be doing any sort of hunting or battling, he’d rather have it with him.  Once again, reaching through the portal, Rohkan grabbed a spare Hexweave bag and packed a few odds and ends from the vault into it, including a few spare changes of clothes, he wanted something simpler to wear around the house then his Oathclaw armor set, some random bits of leather he’d gathered from who knows where that he could give to Aeia, and the gauntlets that completed his armor set.  Once his polearm was strapped firmly to his back and the Hexweave bag tied securely at his waist, he laid his hand over the device and focused on closing the portal.  With a pop, the small portal closed and the device reset itself.  Rohkan nodded, at Fuzruckle, “T’anks, mon.”


“What about you, doll?” Fuzruckle asked, looking at Aeia.  “I’m good, but I may be back in a day or two,” she responded.  “Then see ya around toots.  An’ the two of yous better not make me regret our deal,” the goblin said, sounding almost threatening but wearing a smile.


“Later’s Fuz,” Aeia said with a smile and a wave.  She and Rohkan headed up the path and out of Ratchet towards the bleak Barrens.  Once they were out of Ratchet, both Night Elf and troll visibly relaxed. 


“Ya say ya don’ got friends, but dat goblin sure seem mighty friendleh ta ya, Aeia,” Rohkan said as he pulled his gloves on.  He wasn’t sure if he was happy or annoyed at the thought of that goblin being Aeia’s friend.  He certainly didn’t like him calling his mate ‘doll’, but at the same time he was glad Aeia had someone else.  After what she had told him of her life, he wanted her to have as many friends as she could.  The more people around her, the safer she would be.  He found it strange though, that once again, she had befriended a member of the Horde.  Goblins may claim neutrality occasionally in some of the neutral towns and cities throughout Azeroth, but they had officially joined the Horde.  His little elf certainly seemed to be somewhat of an outcast, at least in her faction, but she seemed to be fitting in rather well on this side of the line. 


Aeia wasn’t sure how to take Rohkan’s statement.  It came off with a bit of jealousy, but also seemed to have some concern.  Sighing, “Fuzruckle was the goblin that taught me how to speak Orcish.  He was also one of the first in this town that showed me any sort of kindness.  Me being Alliance or Night Elf never seemed to matter to him.  I think he just liked the fact that I ever shied away from his perverted jokes and actually enjoyed them.”  She laughed a bit awkwardly, “But yeah, I suppose you could consider Fuz a friend.  And you have nothing to worry about mate.  I’m yours and always will be.  Besides, goblin’s have absolutely nothing on troll looks.”  She threw a large smile and a wink at the troll.


Rohkan suddenly stopped and shot his hand out, grabbing Aeia’s.  He yanked her to him and in one quick, smooth motion, he claimed her lips in a heated kiss.  The kiss was a show of dominance and a bit of playfulness.  As quickly as it began, he released her, chuckling as she stumbled a bit and pressed her fingers to her lips.  “Cheeky mate,” he smirked before resuming his steps. 


The weather was hot and dry as usual in the Barrens and the sun’s rays were beating down on the couple as they made their way through the grassy plains.  They stayed well away from the Barren’s roads for fear of being spotted by the Horde.  Neither wanted to risk the other’s life, for Aeia would most likely be killed on sight and Rohkan would probably be branded a traitor and killed soon after.  They hugged a large mountain side, which helped with the heat as they stayed in its shadow.  Aeia spotted a Balboa tree similar to the one from the other day with a familiar pride of lions lounging in its shade.  Getting Rohkan’s attention she gestured towards the tree and the pride of lions around its base, “I feel like getting a bit of payback and we could use the meat for the trip, not to mention I could always use the leather.”


Nodding, Rohkan followed her lead.  They silently made their way closer to the pride.  They counted seven lionesses, one pride lord, and three cubs.  Thankfully, four of the lionesses and the pride lord were quite a way away from the rest of the pride.  This worked in their favor because neither wanted to kill the cubs and this left several lionesses to care for them.  Before they got any closer, Aeia stopped and placed a blue enchanted whistle to her lips and blew.  To Rohkan, it seemed as though no sound came, but he knew Atal’ai had heard his mistress’s call.  All hunters had special whistles that were magically attuned to their specific pets.  As long as the pet was within a one-hundred-mile radius, they would come running at the sound.  And sure enough, only a few minutes later, a bright blue streak could be seen running towards them.  Silently, the raptor fell in beside Aeia.  Rohkan glanced at Aeia and with a predatory smirk, quickly shifted to his cat form.  Stepping into the shadows, Rohkan prowled over to the large male lion and sat behind him, waiting for Aeia’s signal.  He didn’t have to wait long.


Aeia threw an ice trap onto the farther lioness, freezing her immediately.  She sent Atal’ai after the closest lioness and she focused on the other two.  In perfect unison, Aeia struck her foe with an arcane shot, Atal’ai growled at his quarry to get its attention as he leapt at it, and Rohkan ripped into the male, stunning him while the druid’s claws raked and shredded the poor pride lord.  They worked together flawlessly and within mere moments their prey lay in lifeless heaps upon the bloodied grass.  The other animals hadn’t even sensed the danger, they had been so quick and proficient in their kills.  Swiftly, Aeia skinned and butchered the animals, leaving the organs and entrails in a pile.  The rest of the lions and other animals of the plains would make quick work of the mess.  Once Aeia had the skins and meat stowed carefully in one of her packs, she began cleaning her knives.


Rohkan had been watching his mate work and was in awe of her proficiency.  She had fought fiercely and he couldn’t be prouder.  She was certainly a force to be reckoned with and had dispatched her prey so quickly, she hadn’t gotten a spec of blood on her.  He and Atal’ai were a completely different matter.  Both their muzzles and claws were steeped in blood.  Atal’ai had chosen to lounge in the shade of the tree while he bathed himself with his tongue.  Realizing that that probably wasn’t a bad idea since they were quite a way from both Ratchet and any body of water, Rohkan joined Atal’ai in the shade and proceeded to lick his claws clean.  If he were to transform back to troll, his hands and face would most likely be covered in lion’s blood. 


Seeing movement out of the corner of her eye, Aiea looked over her shoulder.  She nearly fell over in laughter.  Her mate and pet we’re currently grooming themselves, their movements identical and almost perfectly in sync.  Calling out to Rohkan, “You know, I never did figure out which category you fell under, mount or pet, M’Tig.  But at this moment Atal’ai might have competition for my favorite pet.” 


Rolling his eyes at his mate, Rohkan trotted to her side.  “Mate, Aeia.  I be ya mate.  When ya gonna figure dat out, ya silleh elf,” he said with a deep chuckle.  “But I s’pose, fo’ ya, I be all t’ree,” he said as he slid between her legs, transforming into his stag form at the same time.


Aeia suddenly found herself mounted atop Rohkan in his stag form while he laughed and pranced around.  He was almost giddy with laughter.  Leaning down, Aeia ran her hands up and down his neck.  “Now who’s being the silly one?” she said with her own laughter joining his.  Her mate really was quite magnificent in his animal forms.  A thought crossed her mind, she had seen his tiger and stag form, but not his bear.  Calming her laughter, “Rohkan, can I see what your bear form looks like?”  She was genuinely curious.  She’d seen Night Elf bear forms, but never a troll’s.  Most skirmishes between the Horde and Alliance, troll Druids tended to stay in either cat or owl kin form for damage or in tree or troll form for heals.  Bears typically weren’t needed as tanks to soak damage on the battle field against opposing factions. 


Kneeling to allow Aeia to slide from his back, “As ya wish, Ke M’ti.”  Once Aeia was safely on the ground, Rohkan transformed into his hulking bear form.  With a roar, he swung up onto his hind legs then let himself fall back to the ground, causing a resounding thud.  His chest swelled with pride when he heard Aeia gasp in both awe and surprise.  Though he preferred fighting as a cat, his bear form was nothing to scoff at.  As tall as Aeia was, his shoulder still came to about her chest and he was pure muscle.  A ripple coursed along his skin when he felt Aeia’s fingers slide through his coarse fur at his shoulder and back.


‘He’s huge,’ she thought as she felt his fur.  It was coarse but still soft.  His fur was a bit on the green side and he had a long blue Mohawk that ran down his back.  She found it strange that his coloring was almost opposite what his troll form was.  She also loved that in both his bear and his cat form, he retained his large beautiful tusks.  It was one of his defining features and she just couldn’t see him being in a form for long without them.  “No matter what form you take, you are magnificent,” she said slightly under her breath.  She was in awe.  She didn’t know how he managed it, but in each of his forms he still looked handsome to her. 


“Ya know, ya still not helpin’ mah ego, mate,” Rohkan said with a chuckle.  With a puff of dust, Rohkan plopped down on his rear, sitting in front of Aeia.  Sitting he could look her almost square in the eye.  “I guess ya be likin’ wha’ ya be seein’?” he asked with a grin that showed off his impressive fangs. 


Reaching forward, Aeia scratched him under the chin, “You’re my mate, of course I like what I see.”  She winked at him then giggled when his chest started to rumble in what sounded like a purr.  “I didn’t know bears could purr,” she stated as she started to scratch and pet his chest.


Thankfully the fur hid the red the blossomed across Rohkan’s cheeks as he blushed.  Swatting away her hands gently, “Wha’ ya expect when a preety leetle elfie be feelin’ me up.”  Leaning forward, he gave her cheek a quick a lick with his long rough tongue. 


“Oh lovely, bear drool,” she teased.  Seeing him shift forms an idea popped into her head, “Rohkan, have you by chance learned your bird form?”  If he could fly the trip would be much faster and safer.  Since he had taken the boat to Ratchet, she figured he didn’t have his mount with him, but if he could shift to bird, it wouldn’t be needed.  She had a stable of flying mounts that she could choose from to keep up with him.


Realizing where she was going with that question, he nodded before shifting into a large and somewhat terrifying bat.  He released a small screech of laughter when he saw her take a step back and gasp.  “I completely forgot that troll’s flight forms were bats.  I’m so used to the elf and Tauren’s crows,” Aeia said, surprise still clear in her voice. 


Quickly, Rohkan shifted back to his troll form, “Flyin’ would take da trip from a couple a days ta ‘bout ‘alf a day.”  He smacked his forehead.  “I can’ believe I didn’ t’ink o’ dat.  Plus, we be way less likeleh ta be seen.” 


“And even if we are seen, they mostly likely won’t notice I’m a Night Elf up in the sky.  I can use a mount that wouldn’t be out of place over Durotar.”  Aeia placed a quick kiss to Rohkan’s cheek.  “Now that that’s settled, let’s get home.  I have to get that armor finished and you can get our supplies packed.  Thankfully we won’t need quite as much.  Plus, you need to send a letter to Krolak to let him know we’ll be headed to Sen’Jin in the morning.  And I seem to recall you wanting to send a letter to your father as well.”


With that, they gathered up their belongings and headed home swiftly, still keeping away from the main roads.  They had chores that needed to be done and a long flight in the morning.  Both were excited about going on the adventure, but both were equally nervous about seeing Rohkan’s family. 

The Raptor Ch. 6
My goofy lil troll and nelf pair.  The action will be back in the next chapter.  Felt like writing something simple this time around without any sudden adventure for my pair to be thrown into.



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